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  • I went through and graded a few just to see what it was like and how it differed from Brightspace.  The SpeedGrader and Rubric option were very similar to what we used in Brightspace. Since we only had like 10 "Tryle" students I am interested in seeing what our view is like with a full class of 30.  One of the things that I had trouble with in Brightspace, was only seeing 10 at a time and sometimes even though I would click "save" I would lose grades I had entered, but not know until a later date.

    • I would just point out that the SpeedGrader in Canvas is the same experience no matter what type of assignment being graded. In Brightspace, there were mulitple different grading methods that different from quizzes, to assignments, to discussions. In Canvas, it thankfully is all the same grading experience. Also, I find that Canvas rubrics are easier.

      • I like that. I always wondered why we had to grade the discussion board separately. I think many instructors will find this to be very helpful.

  • Can we modify our own To Do List in our courses (not the Sandbox, but when we go live)?

    • The To Do List is adminstrated by the system. What specifically would you want to change on your list?

      • I would like to be able to add my own To Do's like "post announcement" on a certain weekday or "check Q & C discussion board" on certain days.

        • I believe creating a claendar notification will put it on your To Do list.  I've done that before and it works well.

        • OK, yeah. Currently, the system doesn't allow you to create items for a personal task list, like you are suggesting. However, there is an update coming up soon-ish that should allow you to do something like this. Stay tuned!

  • You are expected to use the training course and sandbox in whatever way helps you be prepared for teaching in Canvas. The items in the to do list are authentic grading experiences, so if you want to know what it is like to grade in Canvas, I would encourage you to do so. But, required? No. Does this help?

    • Hi Brad! Yes, that answer was very helpful. Thank you!

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