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Chrome vs. Firefox

I vaguely remember that it was suggested that I use Chrome for I-Learn 3 (my memory could be bad). One of my students told me that it was recommended that she use Firefox.

  • Which one was recommended to instructors?
  • Which one is recommended to students?
  • I use Chrome and I have never had a problem. What kind of experience have other people had with these two browsers?

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  • Thanks for the feedback everyone. I had a student who got an error when she tried to make a video in the discusison board. The error said "No video with supported format and MIME type found." When I searched the error it said it was a common problem with Firefox. The student also said she'd been having problems listening to audio clips in the pre-listening quizzes (Math 100L). So I suggested she switch to Chrome, because I've never had a problem.

    It seems that the majority of us use Chrome and not Firefox. Is there anyone who uses Firefox? Have you ever run into a problem?

  • I've been using Chrome on my Mac for years and haven't ever had a browser related problem with IL3. 

  • I think Firefox used to be the recommended browser for IL3 but that was many years ago.  As Tina said, with a Mac it runs better with Safari.  At one point in the boards I saw a table that showed the best ratings for each browser and Chrome was highest.  I use Chrome and have used Chrome for...ever and it's never given me a problem with BYU I stuff.

  • I use Chrome which allows me to use Text Blaze too. Text Blaze is a great add-on for text expansion.

    I've tried I-learn 3 in Firefox and didn't notice any differences, but I didn't use it very much. Just testing it out. Chrome has never given me any problems.

  • I don't use chrome - runs way too slow on my mac, and the tab order programming is messed up.  I use Safari :)


  • I use Chrome and I've never had had a problem. 

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