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When reviewing my class "User Progress" there is one indicator that I don't understand. It is titled "Objectives". All of my GS120 students show a 0/3, but 1 student shows a 1/3 score. What are the objectives and why would only 1 student out of 40 have one completed?


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  • Hi Ted, Course objectives are tied to course Competencies. You can view your course competencies by going to >Teaching Tools >Course Admin > Competencies. In GS 120 students must get a 70% or higher on certain assignments in order to meet the objective. It could just be that most of your students haven't reached that threshold yet. 

  • I am not exactly sure the answer to this question, but I noticed that you can go to the "User Progress" tab and then click on the objectives and see a little bit more details about these objectives. It looks like in my course there are specific assignments that go along with different objectives. For example: 

    Once they have completed all of these, this objective will be complete. In my course, there are 4 objectives, and I think that one objective starts after the first one is complete. I could be wrong, but that is what it looks like to me. So, maybe that one student has somehow completed more assignments than the others, although it is strange that only 1 out of 40 would have reached that!

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