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Disappearing Assignments

Last semester I had students who would submit assignments, but I-learn never recorded a score for them.  I would have to reopen several assignments for multiple students each week.

This week I have had 2 students email me saying that they completed reports (multiple) for Lesson 2, submitted them, but they have a 0 because I-learn is showing they were never turned in.

If it wasn't such a long process to reopen assignments this probably wouldn't be as big of a problem, but with multiple students with multiple assignments, it is causing some grief!

Anyone else seeing this issue crop up?

I am teaching Math 100G for Pathway so I wasn't sure if it is a problem unique to that course.  Other instructors for Math 100G have said they are seeing this same issue.

Abigail Purser

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  • I am just wondering if there is any update on this.  It is still happening in my course randomly.  I am certain the students are submitting the assignments.  I sent in a few request to the IT department, but they couldn't do anything. 

    I also had a student who submitted a portfolio assignment.  I graded the asssignment.  He received an email saying it was graded, and he had a B.  Then the next day, he got an email saying he had a zero.  I had not done anything with the gradebook between those emails.  We sent them to the IT department, and again, they coudln't do anything.  

    Anyway...just wondering if there has been any more follow up, as it happened to 2 students this week in my course. 

    • The last update I saw was on February 28th in an email from Online Instruction.  

      This is what it said:

      We recognize that disappearing quizzes in PathwayConnect math courses may be a problem, and we are currently not sure what may be causing it. We are investigating. If this is happening to your students, we encourage you to a) ask them to make sure they really have taken the quiz; b) take their word for it if they insist they have; and c) either exempt the assignment or give them credit for the assignment, whichever seems to be most appropriate in the situation. 
      Please acknowledge to your students that this is a problem that is actively being worked on. You may want to ask them to take screenshots before submitting a quiz. Please send to onlinecommunity@byui.edu any evidence of how and when this is happening so we can show the LMS vendor. Thank you for your patience. 

      Other than that I have not heard anything. Maybe someone else has more details!


  • Has there been a fix for this yet?  I teach 2 sections of MATH 100G and this is happening in both sections for all weeks for several students.  I have students threatening to withdraw because of it and I am also having a separate problem with granting special access to some studetns, so that is not always a solution for me either.  I have students saying that they have tried 3 times and still ilearn shows nothing was ever submitted.  Any solutions yet?

    • Brent--With students threatening to withdraw, this is serious.  As an instructor, what can be done to reassure the students? Would it be appropriate to exempt the quizzes that have disappeared multiple times for certain students?  What are your thoughts?

    • Brother Mickelson-  Did you submit a ticket to IT?  There doesn't seem to be much they can do, but it might help shed light on the breadth of the issue.  It seems like this is a problem for more than just a couple of instructors.  Where you have students threatening to withdraw that is pretty serious.  I don't know what the flaw is as it seems to only affect Math 100G, but this is not the first semester we have experienced the problem.

      • I did non submit an IT ticket, but I should. Thanks for the reminder. I'm also trying to get a student to zoom with me and show me what they are doing so I can make sure that they are doing it right.

      • I agree Abi. This seems to only affect Math 100G. We haven't heard about the problem from other instructors. We also haven't (to my knowledge) been able to figure out why it's happening or what's causing the problem. So submitting tickets, or calling the BYUI Support Center are our only options at this point. 

        • Thank you Dave for responding and for keeping an eye on this!  I don't want to be a squeaky wheel and I'm sure the Support Center is scratching their heads, but it does seem to be an issue.  I counted up the number of instructors who commented here and on the Math 100G board this semester and there were (if I counted right) 10.  It looked like it was multiple students for those 10 instructors as well.  I don't know how many Math 100G instructors there are so this might still be isolated.  Maybe the system just doesn't like me where it happened 2 semesters in a row :)

          • It's not you Abigail and I’m sure it’s a bigger issue with more instructors who don’t always read this board, and who think like I did last semester, that it was students not submitting their work correctly.  To have this post this semester brings to light the extent of the problem and the recognition that it’s not an isolated incident.  This semester I actually had a zoom session with a student (Helen), watched her submit the exercise correctly, to have it not record on my end.  I gave her the 100% she earned, since we were working on it together.  However, this is an issue, and again I’m sure it’s not isolated to the 10 instructors who have chosen to respond to this board.  I've followed up with IT and sent separate emails with student names and specific assignments, and they are (hopefully) following up. 

          • I completely agree. I forwarded this to the Instructor Manager, the course coucil, and the Technical Operations director. Hopefully we'll see action in the next day or two. 

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