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End Date on Announcements

If I set an end date on an Announcement, will my students still see it if they click the Show All Announcements button at the bottom? I sometimes refer them back to previous announcements and I'm trying to figure out whether setting an end date will make them disappear completely or just not be on the course landing page. Thanks!

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  • Thanks for the question Lindsay!

  • Lindsay,

    I believe if you put an end date on it students won't be able to view it at all, even if they click "Show All Announcements." 

    • Delayed response, but thanks for clarifying this for me, Rachel!

  • P.S. Is there a recommended best practice on this?

    • I remember reading something, somewhere that said not to put end dates on Announcements. I do not know if I read/heard that here or in bootcamp, but I am pretty sure it was Dave that made the recommendation.

      • Not me...(I hope). I use end dates on announcements that are trivial or have a short shelf-life. 

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