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Feedback Showing Up Before Publishing Grades

Is there a way to post the feedback in the Completion Summary box and not have it show up until the Quiz is actually published to the gradebook? I'd like to grade my students Learning Reports as they come in, but I don't want their feedback to show up before I published all grades mid-week.

Here is a video explaining what I'm seeing.


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  • Interesting Jillyn, I'm going to have to play around with this a little bit more. =) Question though...how are you grading the Learning Reports? Per Question? Per User? If you are grading per user, are you clicking the "graded" box? I'm just wondering if any of that makes a difference, I have no idea though. =)

    • Yes, please play around with it a bit more, Lisa. Let me know if you find anything! I grade per question, but I don't really think that makes a difference. I'm pretty sure leaving feedback in the Completion Summary box puts it automatically where the students can view it without a grade ever being published in the gradebook.

  • What you describe makes sense, since the completion summary box isn't tied to a published attempt.  

    I don't think there's a way around this - I just publish the learning report grades as I grade them.

    • Okay, that's what I was wondering Tina. Thanks for your reply!

  • What type of assignment is the learning report? A written document submission? Have you tried putting feedback in a different spot besides the completion summary? I haven't run across this particular feedback issue, which isn't suprising since there are many feedback issues in the I-Learn system, but it doesn't surprise me that it would act this way. I know that's not very helpful, but the only thing I can suggest is trying to put feedback in a different spot besides completion summary.

    • So it is a quiz?

      • Yes, sorry, I should have clarified that. The Learning Report is a quiz the students submit, and Torri is right, I prefer to put the student's feedback in the completion summary box because then they can view all the feedback I leave them in one spot, My Grades>Grades.

    • I'm guessing she's putting it in the completeion summary box because she wants students to be able to see their feedback from My Grades>Grades rather than having them drill down to My Grades>User Progress>Quizzes>Lesson X>Learning Report.

      Jillyn, would it be worth it to just publish each of them early as you grade them rather than making them wait until mid-week?


      • Yes, that's exactly right, Torri. I would prefer to leave the feedback in the completion summary. I think I will just publish thme as I grade them instead of waiting til mid-week. Thanks!

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