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Overall Grades Not Released?

Quick question for you. We're 4 days into the semester and their overall grades are still not released. Isn't this supposed to be an automatic thing now?  I'll go in and manually release them, but wanted to check if the auto-release feature was no longer a thing for future semesters. 



PS- I teach Math 100L 

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  • For anyone with a similar problem, here's the tutorial how to manually release: https://byu-idaho.screenstepslive.com/s/14177/m/53240/l/497013-how-do-i-release-overall-grades-to-my-students  

    How Do I Release Overall Grades to My Students? | Grades | I-Learn Instructor Help Guides
  • Sharing this with instructors asking the same question in my course.

  • I contacted Cary Johnson in Online Technical Operations. She said that something appears to be buggy. Her team will be running a tool to fix the problem later today. 

    • Hello again, David, 

      Just a heads up. While I was completing my first course visits, I noticed quite a few of my instructors didn't have their overall grades released yet. Many of my TGL cohorts have noticed a similar trend. Apparently, it's fairly wide-scale still for Math 100L sections. Who do I need to contact to let them know about this problem?  I'm sharing with my instructors the link for manually releasing their grades, but it's looking to be a fairly wide-spread problem. 



    • Thanks! 

  • Following this thread as I would like an answer too. :-)

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