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Getting Granular Alerts

Is it possible to get granular alerts from ILearn discussion board?

(I did try and research this through the ILearn Instructor and Student Help Guides but am not convinced this (http://byu-idaho.screenstepslive.com/s/14177/m/53232/l/526892-how-do-i-subscribe-to-a-discussion-board-topic) leads to what I am wanting...??)

The emails I currently get say "39 Unread posts" for discussion boards- not terribly useful. How can I get a list (prefereably with links) for threads that are subscribed to in an email? 

In particular, it would be FANTASTIC to get specific alert for Questions and Conversation DBs. Is that possible? 

How does the instant notification option work? An email is sent immediately of someone posts to a subscribed thread?

Does subscription at the top level with the drop down differ from clicking the "star" subscription of individual threads? 


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  • Great idea Julie! :) 

  • Hi Julie,

    Here's the best thing I know how to do, and I just learned it last week so I haven't had much chance to try it out yet.  I learned it from Sam Gedeborg who uses it all the time. He says it really helps him to stay right on top of student questions that are posted in the Q&C discussions.

    (I figured it would be easier to show it in a screencast.)


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