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Hello, Everyone,

I am looking at my grade book and the students are no longer in groups of ten. There are not divisions other than the filters of "show 10 or 20." It matters not if I am looking at the standard or the spreadsheet view. It was very helpful to see all of my students at the same time with the dividing lines showing the students in sets of ten.  Is this to be the way it will forever stay?

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  • This weekend we're at a family reunion and I forgot my computer bag, so I'm using my husbands Window's machine (I'm an Apple person myself).  I noticed that in Microsoft Edge the gradebook still behaves in the old way - perhaps using that would be a possibility?

  • There was indeed an update to Brightspace. They recently added the "freeze pane" feature which essentially means that the X and Y headers now "stick" when you scroll up and down, or left and right. Because of this, they removed the repeating headers.  So, it seems that yes, the grouping by 10 or 20 is gone because the headers now follow your scrolling.

  • I've noticed this, too.

    I like the current "freeze pane" approach, but I wonder if there isn't a way to switch to the old view, since the options for it are still in settings?

  • I noticed this, I think that brightspace has just updated things.

  • After reading this I had to go check my own gradebook, and sure enough, there is no division every 10 students. I went into settings, and my settings still say that there should be. Strange. ??? As I was scrolling down on my gradebook, I did notice though that the assignment names that usually divide it by every 10 students stays visible, so that is at least a good thing. I agree though, seeing them in sets of 10 helped in a few different random ways. I'm curious to hear what others have to say. =)

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