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Grades vs. Tools: Where to Grade?

Why did the Clydesdale give the pony a glass of water?   ... Because he was a little horse.  (Man, I love dad jokes!)

On a related note, discussing the I-Learn 3 grade book has made me hoarse on multiple occasions. We've heard from many of you about the many different places to put grades. Between the traditional and spreadsheet views in the gradebook, and being able to enter grades in the various tools, grading can be confusing. In the video below we'll peel back the curtain on how grades work in I-Learn 3 and give you the knowledge you need to make informed and intentional decisions about how you choose to grade.

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  • I've watched this several times but I need a recommendation for when a Pathway student can't seem to submit a quiz (cutting and pasting their essay) so they emailed it to me. (They did it successfully before but they have a terribly slow Internet connection in Ghana and it is not reliable). According to what I can see in this video, I can't go into the tools and grade there (since there isn't a submitted attempt) so my only option is to go into Grades and put in the points since there isn't an icon to click that would take me to tools. That means it looks like they didn't receive points on their end... Is there any workaround or way to go in and submit it for them so I can have an icon available to click? 

    • In this case, I would just enter the score into the grade column. Since you haven't given this assignment a score anywhere else, the student won't see conflicting grades. Rather, they will see the score you give in grades, and no score in the quiz. 

  • Dave - I just have two questions that have come to my attention as I have talked to students about feedback:

    True or False: If I leave feedback in the assignment tab, students can see that feedback in the assignments tab AND the grade book.

    True of False: If a teacher leaves feedback in the Grade book, that is the only place where students can find that feedback.

    Part of the reason I ask these questions is that I am really surprised at how many students apparently are not reading my feedback. I would like to know where to direct them to see that feedback.

    • Ben, for your first question, the answer is usually true, unless you are leaving a feedback attachment. Check out the video below for more on that. 

      #2 - Also true.

      Also, don't trust the feedback analytics in IL3. Since there are about 4 ways to view feedback, and only one of those ways actually marks the feedback as being "Read," students can view your feedback without signaling to the system that they have. 

      Here is another video that explains feedback a little better: 

      • This is good to know! I was getting worried . . .

      • So Dave, just to clarify my understanding.  If I don't see a "feedback read, date" when I am in the assignments tool, that does not necessarily mean that students aren't reading my feedback?

        Maybe that question isn't clear.... I just want to verify that students may be reading my feedback.  (I've been trying to monitor this and like Ben, wondering how to help them be sure to check the feedback they are given.)

        • That's correct. That metric cannot be trusted. We know for a fact that only 1 of the 4 methods for viewing feedback, actually marks the feedback as "read." In the last few weeks I've been using video feedback and I'm able to see when my students view each video using the analytics built into that 3rd party tool (OpenVid) and almost every single student viewed my feedback. At the same time, I-Learn 3 said that only 5 of my 35 students viewed my feedback. 

          • Thank you. Feeling much better about that now.
  • I needed this, thanks so much.

  • Is there a way we can generate a report or create a filter for our gradebook to list any "holes" that we may have throughout all the lessons in the course (a student said they would submit or resubmit a grade so you remove the "0" or original grade and then they never email you to tell you that they have resubmitted so you are left with a "hole" in the gradebook)?

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