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  • Tina, were you able to figure this one out?

    • I did hear from the student - to his puzzlement he couldn't reproduce it, either.  I just gave him the point.  He was  concerned because he has 100% of possible points in the course and doesn't want to mess up his streak :)

  • Is it possible that you are looking at two different attempts? 

    • Great thought - but I double-checked and he's only made one attempt.

  • Are we sure he chose B? Could his screenshot indicate the correct answer and not necessarily the option he chose?

    • Yes, I'm sure he chose B. The submission view for this exam is set to show all questions with user responses, but no question answers.


      • How are you sure he chose B when your view shows that he chose A? 

        I can't help but feel we only have part of the story. I would ask your student to include a screenshot showing the entire screen. If this is a bug/glitch, we have to have solid evidence. 

        • If you look at the top right-hand corner of his screenshot, you'll see it's a graded question 0/1.

          I will email the student and ask for a screenshot of the entire screen.


          • One last thought Tina, if you are going through the Class Progress tool, and selecting this student, your view should be identical to his. I've never seen it not be the same as the student's view. 

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