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Images and Text Formatting in Annoucements

Does anyone know how you can add an image to an announcement and move  it around, or have the text shift around it?  I've only been able to load the image and have it remain left-hand adjusted why my cursor was when I load it.  Also when I've cut and copy text over from other areas it does not keep the original formatting- anyone have any tips on this as well

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  • I have the same question.  I have seen some instructors do it, but I am not quite sure how they do it. 

  • Thanks for your question.  Just what I was looking for tonight. 

  • I remember seeing this being posted after our bootcamp training. I hope it helps. :)


    • Thank you!

    • Yes- thank you!  That padding code is exactly what I was looking for!

      • Awesome! Glad you followed it. I had to watch it three times before I got it. :)
  • The drop down menu next to the bullet point icon gives you the alignment options.

    As for getting your original formatting to copy over, I think your best bet would be to copy and paste the html code. I don't know what you are pulling from, so I can't tell you how to get the code from that source, but when you are ready to paste it into your announcement, look for the little </> icon in the bottom right hand corner.

    I hope this helps!

    • Torri--Thanks!  I knew it was right beneath my nose, and I just couldn't see it. As always . ..  you have the answer for me. 

    • Thanks- that is helpful.  Is there anyway to do a text wrap?

      • If you select the image after you've inserted it into the body/content, choose the alignment just like you would for text. It should wrap the text around it. 

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