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This might have already been addressed and I apologize if it has been. I have many students who like to receive the notifications for when there is a new announcement, but the images and videos that I post don't ever show up in these notifications. Why is this? I have several students who have complained that they can't view the whole announcement in their email notification, Is there a way to be able to email the announcement with images and video intact? 

I have also found that when I send an email from I-learn 3 with an image or a video that it doesn't work either? Any thoughts as to why this doesn't work? 

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  • Thanks, you both for your replies!

  • I agree with Torri, you're not doing anything wrong. These are all just deficiencies in the system. My solution has been to train my students to always view my announcements on the Course Homepage. Students will always get a notification in the minibar (whether they opt in our not). So I train my students for the first 3 weeks that they need to watch for those notifications and click on them when they do. Clicking on that link will take students directly to the real notification, videos, pictures, and all. 

  • Yes, I've found this too, Daina, and this has been addressed. It isn't something you are doing wrong.

    One thing I do is provide the link to any videos I embed in my Announcements. Also, if I have an image, I will write a little note with an asterisk "*If you are reading this Announcement through email, please go to Announcements within the classroom to see the following image." Another option is to use Outlook to send emails with images or to post URLs to images in your Announcements.

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