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  • Huh! I'm sorry, Jillyn. Beyond what I've shared previously, I don't know what else to suggest. Are you still having issues with it?

    • I'm going to try waiting until the gradebook loads properly and see if that helps.  I'll let you know if I continue to get the error.

  • I have found if I finish letting the gradebook load all the way then I never see this error page. If I don’t let it load it happens pretty much every time. Just let the grade book sit for a minute before trying to navigate around in it. 

    The “use less columns” method Brad suggested is probably working because it loads quicker (possibly before you start navigating around). However, if your internet is still slow on the load, you would still see the error page. 

    • Thanks for the suggestion Bonnie. You always seem to have the answers. ;) I'll give it a try.

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