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  • Hi Tina, I manage the Course Support team in Online. The request came from the OCR with Course Council approval to align the point values with the rubric. Unfortunately, the requested change has affected student scores who've already completed the assignment. The OCR, however, is aware of the situation and has communicated to my team that she'll be reaching out to MATH 100G instructors and explain how to work around the new scoring. I hope this is helpful. Feel free to call our team at 208-496-1866, if you need any more help! 

    • Thanks, Ron!

      The OCR has it figured out :)


      • You're very welcome! 

  • Tina is right.  The quiz 7A total possible score has changed.  I graded earlier this week and it was out of 5.  Today I go in to finish grading and it is now out of 10, which has changed all those who got 5/5 to 5/10.  I have already adjusted it so I really don't want them to change it back, but it might be important to let the instructors know in case they don't catch it or students don't speak up.

  • No. All fixes are done by hand to each section by the course support team. 

  • Can you give details, Tina?

    • On quiz 7a (uploaded assignment) the rubric had 10 total points and the grade item had 5.  The request was to make the point value of the grade item match the rubric. Apparently this was done this morning, making all previously graded quizzes drop to 50% of the assigned grade

      • I'll pass this on to Course Support. 

  • Oops I meant requested and implemented

    • What was the course fix, Tina? And what specific problems are you seeing as a result of its implementation? (Us non-Math peeps need deets.) :)

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