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  • Is there a way to change our Display name? Especially at the beginning of the semester, I have tons of students who don't realize on the discussion boards that I am the instructor, despite me signing "Sister Phelps" at the bottom of every discussion post or reply.

    • I do not believe this ability exists in Canvas.

  • Great training tutorial Brad--what is the best zoom training video you would suggest?

    • If you want to generally learn about Zoom, these help guides would be best:


      Does this help? For Canvas/Zoom specific information, there is a page in the training course about Canvas and the Zoom integration.

      Zoom | I-Learn Instructor Help Guides
      • Just saw the same link....twice in the training.. :)  Thanks again

        Zoom | I-Learn Instructor Help Guides
      • In experimenting with creating a announcement, I do not get to the authorization. I originally signed up for Zoom outside of BYU-I and wonder if this is prohibiting me from getting to this point. I believe this is because I originally used a gmail address for Zoom. Not sure what to do; press on at the moment. Perhaps when am in a real course, this problem won't exist.

        Zoom | I-Learn Instructor Help Guides
      • Thanks!

        Zoom | I-Learn Instructor Help Guides
  • Just finished. Great training thank you

  • Question, in looking over the process of setting up groups in lesson 9, what would be I could not tell the difference in the sandbod betweent the project groups and the teacher editable. Can you explain main difference in these categories.

    • Yeah, there isn't really a meaningful difference. They are essentially the same thing in practice. In your sandox, you are free to create/modify these groups anyway you please.

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