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Learning Reports

Anyone else noticed that some of the Learning Reports have nine points total, but only eight questions of one point each?  If you give your student an 8 for getting all the questions right, the auto grader then gives them 8 out of 9 or 88.9%.  Is there a quick fix for this?  It was in Lesson 3 and I think it is in Lesson 4 also.

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  • Thanks for the heads up Forrest. I'll have to check my GS 120L Learning Reports.

  • Hi Forrest. If you grade from the quiz tool it solves this problem. When you grade in the gradebook you run into this problem. I've found it is best to just always grade in the quiz tool.

    If I remember right, another reason for using the quiz tool to grade is because it interfaces with both the Class Progress and the Gradebook whereas grading from the gradebook only shows up in the gradebook.

    Feedback is also most visible to students when put in on the quiz side unless you are putting general feedback for the whole class. There's a great tutorial on where to put feedback on learning reports in our 100G forum too.  Feedback best practices and locations by Lisa Spencer

  • Which course/lesson are you referring to Forrest? Would this question be better asked/answered in your course group in the community rather than the general forums?

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