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I didn't see a post that matched, so I am creating this one.

I recently created a Zoom recording for my class that used material from the internet and material I created and stored on my computer.  When I reviewed the video, only that material from the internet stayed in the recording.  My visuals from my computer didn't show up.  Students in my class are reporting that PowerPoints that they have created don't show up in their recorded videos, either.  What suggestions to do you have to get this to work?

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  • When they are sharing their screen, are they sharing the desktop or just one page?  I'm not sure about this, but I have noticed that this has happened sometimes and not other times with me and I wondered if this was part of it.  I'd love to hear if someone knows for sure!

    • Oh wow!!  I never noticed these other icons!  When I would click share screen, I would just look for the item I wanted to share, click it and I thought that I was sharing.   Do you need to click on the document and then new share then click on desktop for the document to be shared in a recording?

      • I don't think so, but I'm not super awesome with zoom.  I believe that if you are sharing your desktop, it will show whatever is on your desktop, including if you change screens or share a document or video. 

        When I click "share screen" I get a window with all the different screens available that I have open on my computer.  There's always the share desktop option first though and I usually just share that.  

        • That is how I do it, but when I record, whatever I share doesn't show up in the recording.  Isn't that crazy?

          • Yes it is!  And that's what I was thinking -- that I may have run into that issue but I couldn't remember all the details.  I've had some times on Zoom when it just doesn't feel like sharing a screen at all also.  It's a really easy program, but can occasionally be a little finicky.  

    • I would vote that this is what is happening. The desktop is not being shared as Amy has explained above.

      • My hypothesis also. When sharing screen, if you choose only an application or specific window, other items on your computer will not be shown. If you want to be sure everything is seen, you need to select "Desktop" when sharing. 

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