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Math 100G Course Navigation

I had a student email me the following question:


"I also have a question. There are a lot of questions and suggestions that I have been hearing and expressing myself at our Gathering classes about the layout of the website. Since last semester I have made comments and suggestions in the Evaluations (other classmates have as well) but there is no way to know if they are being heard, considered or even regarded. 
Have you had any responses or frustrations from other students regarding the website? I can navigate it and I've learned from last semester how to do it, but it just seems so inefficient and I feel like I spend more of my time making sure I've caught everything and opening the same windows over and over again than I do on the actual assignments."
I am wondering if it is due to the fact that there are so many helpful links to everything that it can be confusing?  Have you heard anthying?
Thank you for your input.

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  • Thank you everyone for you comments and advice.

  • Could it be that individual instructors are inadvertently causing confusion by including "help links" in their announcements? One thing I do is never, ever, link to a page in the course.  My students need to learn that they are responsible for learning how to navigate.  So I joke about it in emails and on the Q & C board, something like "the textbook can be crazy hard to find - scroll all the way down past lesson 14, click resources, scroll past the videoes, and it's something like the 5th item from the bottom.  If I were a student I would feel responsible for all provided links - so if there are redunant links in the announcments, it would be very confusing.  

    The course itself is very straightforward - just go to content and work your way sequentially through the folders :)

  • Becky,  That is a new issue I have never heard of.   I'm planning on following your discussion to learn more about the topic in the other comments. 

  • Hi Becky,

    Thanks for sharing your student's response. As a course council we keep working to make the navigation simpler and more obvious. For example, the change we made from last semester to this semester of adding the giant quiz submittal buttons on all the pages that require the students to submit a quiz has already helped a ton of my students submit their quizzes better. Have you noticed any difference here? We also added the "At-A-Glance" tables at the beggining of each lesson to help students see exactly what is due and when.

    I understand what the student is talking about though in regard to repopening the same things to make sure everything has been done. Some of this has to do with the LMS. One thing I tell my students is to always check the MyGrades>Grades tab each week to make sure they have actually submitted everything for the week. This should help them with this a bit. 

    The system has it's hangups, but we are always open to suggestions. We appreciate the suggestions the students give. Unfortunately we can't always fix the things they suggest and we don't have a way to respond to their suggestions. Please let your student know we appreciate them.

    • Aoril,

      I thought of suggesting to my students to look at the MyGrades>Grades tab but I wasn't sure if it would show them if it was submitted awaiting grading or just what is graded, do you know?



      • It isn't perfect. I don't think they see the learning report has been submitted until after we grade it. :< 

        I still tell them to go their though because it helps them see the quizzes that have been submitted that are automatically graded. Since our course is so quiz heavy, this may be more helpful for our students than it is for students in other courses.

        • April,

          I would agree, thanks,


  • Becky,

    It's all a work-in-progress at BYU-I, and change happens relatively slowly. :) As you probably know, we are looking at the possibility of a new LMS (perhaps replacing D2L Brightspace with Canvas?).  Also, Course Councils constantly look at ways to improve the navigation of the courses.

    With all of that said, it's been my observation that the general course design philosophy at BYU-I does seem to be text-heavy and link-heavy, which can be cumbersome for all of us.

    Students are always welcom to submit their suggestions in evaluations. Those are definitely read and considered!

    • Based on Alisha's reply I guess I can assume this concern is in reference to the LMS specifically. In that case, yes, we are piloting a new LMS in a few courses this semester, who's navigation is much easier than our current LMS. It looks promising.

  • Becky, when you say "website" is the student refering to our LMS, or the Pathway website, or BYUI website?

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