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Maximum Grade/Minimum Grade in the Gradebook

Can someone please explain to me what the Minimum Grade vs Maximum grade mean? I know I saw a post about them once before on here, but I cannot find it now. I have a student asking me the following questions below and I'm not sure how to answer her.

I thought earlier that the "current grade" vs the "maximum grade" and "minimum grade" means there is something that still needs to be graded, but it looks like everything has been graded already, so why is there still a potential maximum and minimum vs my current grade? And why is my current grade less than the maximum I can earn?

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  • In theory your correct, but in Brightspace's execution of this tool these possible grades are misleading. The problem is that those tools calculate all the grade items in the gradebook. Even those grade items like group discussions for which the student is not assigned. In other words, for most of our classes with groups, students aren't going to participate in every grade item in our gradebooks, but the calculator doesn't discriminate between the two types of grade items. 

    I know this is confusing, so let me know if I can explain this any better.  

    • I think that makes sense. So what does the minimum grade represent if they have completed all their course work?
      • Same thing...it looks at every grade in the gradebook and assumes a 0 on anything not graded. Problem is, that not all of those grade items are possible. So essentially it shows the minimum grade as much lower than possible and the max grade as much higher than possible. 

        • Perfect. Thank you for explaining that to me. :)
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