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New Popup While Grading Discussions

Is anyone else seeing this new popup when grading discussions. I say "new," but it appeared last week as I was grading DBs and is present this week as I grade my discussion boards through the Discussion Tab. 

I have not previously graded the assignment or left any feedback in "grades" or elsewhere. I'm only seeing it as I grade DBs through the Discussion Tab -- it's not showing up in any of my other grading, thankfully.

I'm grading the same way that I always have, but as of last week I have this added pop-up and additional clicks added to the already over-the-top clickfest that is my grading experience each week. :) 

I can't find anything that I'm doing differently, but figured I'd put this out there to see if anyone else knew what I'd done to cause it, or if there is some way to avoid it. If not, I'll just click my way through . . . 


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  • Yep, I noticed this also and just figured it was one more click for us to go through so we'd remember that we really were using IL3.  I understood it to work just like Cynthia explained.  But I still check the publish score box within the student's grading page cause I love the extra click.  ;)  J/K -- I just wanted it to go directly to my students' grades since I don't always finish the grading in one sitting.  (Probably because I spend my time on the click-fest.)

  • Huh. I've always seen that pop-up and ignored it. It shows up even when I haven't graded anything, so I just always ignored it. Helpful, eh? :)

  • Hi James,

    What I do to avoid the pop-up screen (FYI, you didn't do anything incorrectly) I grade and leave feedback regarding the discussion board but I don't check the "publish score" box. After all students' posts have been graded I click "save". I then go to the screen where students' grades a displayed and click the "publish box". Then save and close. 

    I hope this works for you. 

    • Thanks, Cynthia. I appreciate the explanation and screenshot! 

      I think that I remember grading that way back when we first transitioned, but that seemed like an extra step to me then. I guess, it's either 30 extra steps -- one with each student (the way I'm doing it now) or just one extra step for all the students (your way). Your way definitely seems better. :) 


      • Oh good, I'm glad this other option works slick for you. Sanity has a price, as Dave mentioned, and it's fewer clicks. Have a great day. 

    • I do the same as Cynthia. Saved my sanity. 

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