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Problems granting special access

I have experienced problems granting special access for some students.  I was trying to allow a student to retake an "exercise" quiz and I set the special access date to allow a later due date, I made sure that she had an extra attempt allowed, and I she was selected on the list of students getting special access, and she still can't take the quiz.  For now I am going to give her the email template to turn in to me instead, but we just had our first exam and some students are going to have to retake their exams, but if this is an issue still I may not be able to allow them to retake the exam.  Has anyone else had this issue or know of a fix for it?

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  • @Brent, do you have some specific students and specific quizzes this was happening on? If we have some specific ones then we can take it to the company. If you want to send me some by email, I'm happy to get a ticket in with D2L. My email is johnsonca@byui.edu.

  • Brent,

    Have you gone back to "restrictions" and checked the list of students who have been granted special access, and what access has been granted?  I always doubled-check that list to make sure I did the extension properly.

  • Hi Brent. We've checked into a few of these claims over the years and have not been able to replicate the problem. Typically we find that it is one of 2 problems:

    1. The teacher didn't click save or didn't follow the steps here: http://byu-idaho.screenstepslive.com/s/17057/m/53233/l/628031-how-d...

    2. The students don't know how to go back to start the quiz. (In this case, we recommend doing a Zoom screenshare session with the student to see what they are doing.)

    I hope one of those two answers helps. 

    How Do I Give a Student a Due Date Extension on a Quiz ? | Quizzes | Online Instruction Library
    • Thanks for responding to this Dave. As the OCR for Math 100G I am having a lot of instructors tell me they are experiencing high volumes of students who submit items that don't go through. Could there be a course specific problem with 100G? We did a lot of work last semester to make the navigation of the quizzes better. That seems to have helped, but I'm having students say they submit things but don't get the confirmation that it has gone through. I also have students submttting quizzes and assignments multiple times because it doesn't look like it has gone through when it actually has and I have multiples of the same submission. 

      Math 100G is also very quiz heavy. We have between 8-10 quizzes each week. Could the volume of quizzes have anything to do with this problem? 

      Another thing I've noticed is that it seems to be clustered. Not all the instructors are experiencing this. Some seem to have a lot more trouble in their sections than others.

      I talked to Brent and other instructors about this and they are spending a lot of extra time addressing these problems with their students. If this is truly a user-error on the part of the students, where can they go to get help on submitting things properly and relieve some of the burden on Brent and other instructors? Should we send them to Pathway Support?


      How Do I Give a Student a Due Date Extension on a Quiz ? | Quizzes | Online Instruction Library
      • Unfortunately if students go to Pathway Support for an issue like this, I'm affraid they will just send the students back to the teacher. The problem is that we have no idea what the problem is. It could be something related to the course design. I've heard more weird issue from Math 100G than any other course. :)

        My best suggestion would be to get Sean Short's attention and let him know how many problems like this we've seen this semseter (and in past semesters). You might even suggest that other instructors continue to submit course tickets or call the BYU-Idaho Support Center. 

        How Do I Give a Student a Due Date Extension on a Quiz ? | Quizzes | Online Instruction Library
        • Thanks Dave. I'll bring it up. 

          How Do I Give a Student a Due Date Extension on a Quiz ? | Quizzes | Online Instruction Library
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