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Hello All,

I remembered that last semester there were some communications related to the Pulse App, which was intended to help students better track their due dates, grades, etc.  I wanted to notify my class this semester about it, but I downloaded the app myself and realized that after downloading it required a BYU-I login.  Pathway students don't have that login but rather use their lds.org credentials. 

Is the Pulse App an option for Pathway students?  Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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  • Thanks Adam....I will encourage my students to try it.  

  • Hi, Adam,

    I found it and it works.  However, the screenshot which instructs to type in the URL needs to begin with:   https://        then follow with the rest as shown in the screenshot.  When you type that first, then the rest, it will load.  I like it quite a bit, because I can respond to students who are using it.  I have 60 enrolled, but only a few are signed up.  I hope to encourage it in next week's announcement.

    • I have heard really good things about the latest update to Pulse. The key will be getting the connection right since they cannot search directly for "Pathway" as a school.

    • Great!  Thank you, Karen. 

      Good to hear from you!  I hope all is well. 

      • It is exciting! I have a very nationality diverse group this time around, from Hawaii all the way to South Africa and down to Brazil.  

  • It does work. Instead of looking for BYU-I, look for Pathway.

    This help guide will demonstrate how:


    • So I'm getting stuck at the Enter Web Address part.  I have input everything correctly, but I keep getting a "Failed to Connect" error.  Has anything changed that you know of?

      • Adam,

        Did you get it to work? I just connected mine and it worked fine. 

        • Almost.  Got past the last issue I was having, but now I'm getting an error saying: "Your courses aren't quite ready yet.  Check back soon."  One step at a time, I guess . . .

          • I had the same problem when I added the app, Adam. Mine worked the day after I got that. Log out of class, and close the app and I bet in the morning it will work! Fingers crossed!

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