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Quizzes now have End and Due Dates

I just went in to some quizzes to grant special access and was surprised to see they now have both an End Date and a Due Date like the assignments have had all along. Did this just happen? I'm excited to see this option.

Does this mean students could submit quizzes late and will they show up with a notification they are late like the assignments do? 


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  • I also noticed this due date was not "lite-up".  Is the due date active?  Can students take the quiz after the date or do they need special access?  

    • Hi Robin. I'm assuming this screenshot is from one of the academic quizzes that is always open for students. It might be helpful in our courses to activate the due dates on these quizzes, but not give them an End Date. That way students could still take them anytime, but they would be more aware that they were late. Just an idea. Assuming it works that way.

  • April. Here is a screenshot of a quiz that I tested with Tyler and Brad. The quiz had a due date, not an end date. The late attempts were flagged in red, like you see below. There is not automatic point deduction for a late attempt, but a teacher could use the late attempt text as a flag that those late attempts need to have points deducted. It's just an idea. 

    • This is fantastic Dave. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  • Yes. This is a brand new feature released this week. We haven't been able to test it yet, so what don't have an answer to the question as of today. 

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