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Seeing Scores After a Student Drops?

Is it possible to see the scores of a student after they drop? I have a student who moved from a Math 100G section to a Math 100L section mid-week Lesson 2. Since there's a lot of overlapping assignments in those courses,  I'd like to work with her old instructor to get the grades for any of the assignments she completed in Math 100G. 

Is it possible? If so, how do we pull up the scores of students who have dropped our class? 



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  • Rachel, I believe you can review grades for students that have withdrawn by going to the Classlist from the Course Tools menu. Once there, click "Enrollment Statistics". At the bottom you can view those that have withdrawn. If you click the menu next to their name, you can view their grades. I'm not sure if you can see their actual assignments though. I hope this helps.



    • Hi Johanna, yes! This is the ticket. I tried this out with a student who dropped in my own class and was able to see individual assignment grades. It's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!! 

  • Rachel,  Thanks for posting this question. I had no idea that this was a problem with transfer students, I've never seen this in my courses.  I'm going to follow your post to learn more about this topic!

  • I'd love to see if IT says something different from what I'm about to say. As far as I remember, the data cannot be recovered unless the student is added back into the course. But if the student is added back into the course, their data should come back with them. 

    • I'll try to follow up and let everyone know what they have to say. Fingers crossed that perhaps there's some way to retrieve it. :) 

  • Rachel, this is probably a good question for IT folks. I had a similar situtation a couple of years ago. At that time it wasn't possible to recover info for dropped students.  However, maybe things have changed since then?  If you want to email me the name of the student, and the previous instructor/section number I can definitely look into it!

    In the meantime, I wonder if you could ask the other instructor and student to try to recall the past assignments' scores, etc?  (I know that's a lot to ask, but may be the best route at this point?)

    • Thanks, Alisha. I'll send IT and her old instructor an email to see what we can do. I've tried contacting the student a few times and haven't heard anything. I'm wondering if she's feeling overwhelmed with the late change. Hoping if I can get a few assignments carried over, it'll help her feel like she can do it. :) 

      • I had a situation last semester where a student was accidentally removed from my class, then added again.  While they were gone, I couldn't access the scores, but somehow they got that student back in... with the scores, so maybe IT can find it?  

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