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Showing Inactive Enrollments

Hi, So I am supposed to look up a student's work from last semester, but since she dropped after, I can't see her participation.  I found these instructions:

"If the student has already dropped the course you may still view their participation in I-Learn by selecting "Display Options" from the top left of the gradebook and then selecting "Show Inactive Enrollments" at the bottom of the drop down menu."

But I can't for the life of me find this.  I've found a few different areas in the gradebook for display options, but cannot find "show inactive enrollments"  I know I have to be missing something right there.  Any ideas?  Thank you so much!

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  • You can look at the discussion board and see if they have done anything there.  That is where I have been able to see if they were in my class and participated.

  • I'm fairly sure those instructions were meant for on-campus faculty. Online faculty do not have these permissions, and should respond back to the referring office letting them know that they may speak with IT.
    • Thank you!  I thought I was crazy!  

      • Those are instructions from our IL2 gradebook. Was the course in question in IL2 or IL3? You don't still have access to your IL2 course, do you?
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