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I tell my students that I don't accept late assignments, but in iLearn 3 students can still upload assignments, self-assessments and quizzes past the deadline. It used to cut them off at the submission deadline. Is there a way to change this? That way the I'm less of a mean guy!

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  • Torri is correct. If you'd like to setup your course to stop allowing submissions or quiz attempts, you'll need to place an end date on each item (in the tools, not in the gradebook). This is an acceptable practice for teachers to do within their own classes. For Pathway classes, however, changing settings like this is not as recommended. Due to the gathering and consistency of the experience for students, I would exercise caution before adjusting this setting.

    • Thanks for this. Could I contact my course designer and see if that's something that could be done in the master course so I don't have to change every assignment and quiz every semester?

      • If you're the OCR, yes you could. 

    • Thanks David.  I teach the Pathway classes, so sounds like it is a good idea not to change the settings.

  • Thanks for this discussion board post.  I learned something new. 

  • Yes, this does make it difficult! I hate it when a student completes work and I have to give them a "0". However, I sometimes get nervous, like Torri talked about, that if I change the end date/give it an end date, I might be overstepping my bounds? Does anyone know the answer/solution to this? I would love to put an end date on all the assignments from past lessons so I don't have a student submitting them weeks and weeks late!

  • You'll want to make sure the assignment has an end date. Here are some tutorials:



    I am not sure if this is something you'll need to clear with your OCR. I am still confused about what we can and cannot change within our courses. I totally get your position though, Emily. It is difficult to issue the "0" after a student submitted late.

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