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Student Help Guides for I-Learn 3

What happened to the Student Help Guides for I-Learn 3? I can still access the Instructor Help Guides, but not the ones for students (I teach Pathway). When I click on "Help" in the top menu bar, Student Help Guides is listed, but the page comes up blank. I even tried using the links that I have emailed to students in the past, and they did not work. When I tried, I was taken to a BYU-I log-in page where none of my log-ins worked. Those Help Guides have been very helpful for both instructor and student alike. Does anyone know where we can still get them or how we can get them back? Thank you in advance. =)

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  • Try again. I think we fixed it this afternon. 

  • Yup, I haven't been able to access them either.  Thanks for saying something!  I thought I had just mis-clicked something.  I look forward to hearing if a fix will be coming soon.

  • Great question Lisa.  I thought they are still around.  But when I looked at the Student Guides site this morning they are still blank for me too.   Hopefully this will be an easy fix. 


  • I finally got one to load, but it took forever. I'm not sure what is happening, but wanted to report it finally loaded tonight.

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