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If you're a new instructor, then transferring your announcements, or at least a template of them, from semester to semester is a great idea you may want to consider. If you're a veteran who likes to carry over their announcements from semester to semester, then you will want to pay attention.

In I-Learn 3, when you go to transfer your announcements, you're copying and pasting them from the old course to the new one or to a Word document. Whether you are copying them in the visual editor or html editor, you will encounter the same bug with images and video notes.

The Problem With Transferring Images

As an instructor, you can copy your past announcements and paste them in your next semester announcements. It will appear as if all is well, but the images you placed in a course last semester are hosted in that past course. Your current students will not have access to those images or be able to see them. If you wish to transfer images so current students can see them, you should save the images separately to upload in the new announcement.

Video Notes (It Works!)

Video notes transfer well. Just a simple copy and paste will allow you to move your video notes. Students are able to see these video notes in the new class.

What Doesn't Have Problems

*Embedded videos, **external hyperlinks, and text. These items, if copied and pasted, will transfer over to your new course as long as the original video or hyperlink is still active. To test this, simply click on the hyperlink or watch the embedded video to see if it still works. If so, then it will transfer when you copy and paste.

*Embedded videos are videos that come from another, 3rd-party source such as YouTube or Kaltura and play within your course.

**External hyperlinks are links that connect to places outside of I-Learn 3. Internal links are links that connect within your course, for example, to a content instruction page or discussion board. Internal links will not work if simply copied and pasted from one semester's course to another.

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  • That images tip is very helpful for me.  Thank you Tyler.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! OK. I am not losing my mind ... yet.  I guess I will just keep loading internal pictures, etc., and not worry about the external links (which I do check). It is frustrating because it all looks fine and then a single student cannot access an external video or internal graphic.  David and Tyler, I appreciate the discussion here so much.  

  • Tyler-  I copied and pasted from one semester to another last term without issues.  It looks like the pictures are there, but I do it by copy and paste instead of using the insert picture button.  I've looked in student view and the pictures are there.  Am I missing something?

    Best wishes,

    Eileen Nuffer

    • It's an excellent question. I would ask my students. It really depends on how things are being hosted and the rights you have for them. Because you and your TGL would have access to your past semester, if your images are being stored there, they would be able to be viewed by you and your TGL but not your current students. Does that make sense? I'm not even sure if this is something a Test Student can see if that Test Student is still enrolled in the past course.

    • Last semester I had my TGL check my course because I wasn't sure.... My images were copying over just fine with the copy/paste feature from previous courses. I didn't have any complaints from students about not seeing the images. Hmm.... I think that they do copy over - it appears so.

      • I think that this works as well, and am hoping I am not wrong!

    • You have rights to view your past courses, even if you are viewing as a student. Your students do not. So everything will look fine for you, but not for your students. 

      • Is this still true? I didn't teach summer semester and am wondering if this got sorted out...

      • What about if I added an observer that only had access to my course from the Winter semester, and they said they could see the pictures and videos that I posted from the Fall semester to the Winter semester just fine too?  Would that mean my students could see them?

      • This explains video notes.  The images though seem to be working as well.   Rather than copy directly from the announcement, I click "Edit" from the dropdown next to the announcement and copy directly from the content box.  My students never mentioned they couldn't view them.  Is this a workaround?

        I'll ask some of my students if they can see the images from my welcome announcement this semester . . . 

This reply was deleted.

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