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Is it possible to turn on Turnitin for a submission folder after students have already submitted their assignments? I finally learned some of the cool features of Turnitin and would like to use it to help speed up the grading process, but it was after the students had already submitted their assignments. Can I still use Turnitin on this assignment, or will I just need to wait to use it on the next assignment? When I tried to turn it on, all of the submissions received an error message when I tried to run them through Turnitin.

Thank you!

Lindsey Phelps

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  • I just wanted to post a quick update for anyone following or who might come across this thread, because we figured out the problem over email.

    When you enable Turnitin on an assignment, you just want to make sure you select one of the two options (n the Optional Settings section) to generate the simmilarity report immediately, rather than when the assignment is due i. 

  • I've got an email out to the person who oversees the Turnitin integration. I'll let you know when I hear something! In the meantime, I would try turning it on before students submit assignments for Week 5. See if that helps for now.

    • Thank you, Brad. I am going to set it up for the rest of the semester's assignments.

  • Good morning Lindsey,

    In I-Learn, I'm pretty sure that you an turn on Turnitin after students have submitted assignments, yes. I've done it in my class. I turned on the Turnitin integration when I suspected cheating. I then selected the student's assignment I suspected and ran it through the originality report. It took a few minutes to scrub through the paper, but then it provided me a number. This has been my experience.

    • Thank you, Brad. I thought I could do it after the assignment had already been submitted. This is the message I keep getting. It's happening in any essay I try, in both sections of my course.

      • Click the icon right next to it first. It should then switch to "In Progress" and will begin the Turnitin scrub of the assignment. Once that's done, you should see the Turnitin score. I've done it in your 1084 section for Tamrie Guthrie as an example. Let me know if this doesn't work!

        • I am still seeing the same thing. It says "In Progress" for a while, and then it gives me the error icon again. Even Tamrie Guthrie's had the error icon next to it. I've tried it several times, and I've also tried disabling Turnitin, enabling it, and changing the settings. Am I just out of luck for this assignment?

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