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Every week I email students who are missing assignments/quizzes to remind them to turn in their missing assignments (Pathway=nice). And every week I have students who email me back and ask me to tell them what they are missing. Where can students go to see what they are missing? It would be nice if I could teach them where to look. :)

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  • Cindy,

    I had another thought - it could be that your weekly emails are contributing to this problem by teaching your students that you, not they, are responsible for their missing work.  Outside of a couple of students who obviously aren't participating, I don't remind students of missing work - rather, when the students email in panic I calmly remind them of the late policy and encourage them to submit.  It's the "panic" moment that really cements in student's minds the need to be responsible for turning assignments in.  I do, however, remind students occasionally as part of an announcement to keep an eye on their gradebooks :) 

    • That is a very good point! Maybe it's time to wean them.

  • I teach my students to go to >My Grades >Grades. Then I tell them if they see a "0" (0/10) then the assignment is missing. If they see a dash "-/10" then the assignment hasn't been graded yet. 

    • I assume that only works after you have zeroed out the assignments they are missing, correct?

      Also, could we get some screenshots of what the students see when they look at My Grades>Grades? I think that would be really helpful!

      • Have your students exercise teach one another by having them take screenshots of their view. 

      • Cindy, last semester one of the teachers in our group said she zeroed out work before the due date (like a day or two before) so the students could see the zero work immediately and before it was late.  She sent messages saying that it could still be turned in and said she had a lot of success with this.  

        They can also look in the Quiz tab and see what they've submitted, how many attempts they've taken already, if there's anything left to do, etc.  Of course, there's also the Assignment tab too and the DB, but for the Math 100L/G classes, most of the work is in the Quiz tab.

        And I use the test student as Tina suggested for this -- it's super helpful!

        • These are some good ideas. Thank you Amy!

          • I do an announcement with a screenshot reminding them to check and see if they've submitted everything. It helps a lot. It looks like this:

            I tell them that they need to check the Quizzes tab and the Assignments tab. That way they don't have to worry whether or not it's been graded yet - just make sure we got it. :)



            • This is a great visual. I'm going to do this too. Thank you Bethany!

              • You're welcome! :)

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