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Zoom no screenshare video

Hello Community. 

I tried the search and did not find an answer to my question yet so I am throwing this out to the Community at large (in this Zoom/ ILearn Forum).

Is there a known issue or common setting issue where in a video recording with Zoom the audio records but not the video? 

This happened to me but it also happened last week to an OCR in training course so I thought I would reach out and see if anyone has experienced this and has a fix. Thanks! 

My video had a black screen and then only audio. I had selected Recording without video (because I didn't want webcam) and then used the screenshare for images I was talking about. Would that be the problem?  

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  • Were those recordings made to the cloud or to the computer they were hosted on?

    • To the cloud 

      • You stumped me Julie. You can always call the BYUI Support Center and submit a ticket. IT should be able to look at it and see what happened. 

  • Hey, Julie. Have you considered recording some test videos...one with selecting that option and then one right after not selecting that option? 

    • Great point, Torri. I did but thought if there was a quick answer... but now I will. :) I'll post up if I figure anything out. 

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