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Zoom Recordings with Chat Window

Zoom is OK compared to Adobe Connect :-). One issue that I have centers on the critical recordings that I like to post in a timely way and with the chat session. Yes, I can wait for the video to be ready on the cloud and just account for this in my workflow but the delay throws me off, especially in the late evenings as I just want to go to sleep and forget (and I lack patience). The other issue is with the chat is a separate URL and students have commented that it is difficult to follow the conversation during the video. Yes, some students use their microphones but many are just comfortable using the chat window during the 'virtual lab'. Anyone have experience recording sessions and not having to post two locations, one for the recording and the other for the chat?  

Positive note: I like that Zoom ports in the computer audio.

And ... btw, I worry because some former students are in my current class using an old adobe connect location to meet for a weekly study session and it is still working :-|. I told them they we better not use that as I am unsure about the contract with BYU-Idaho.

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  • I noticed the same thing. Overall I'm great with the simple zoom format, but when I had to leave a meeting early and went back to watch it later, I didn't have access to the chat writings, which can be significant in a meeting like this. It's the only part that I think is a serious disadvantage.

  • Jason,

    I know of another instructor who was also frustrated by this dilemma. She and her husband figured out that they could login to the meeting on a 2nd computer and open up the chat box and such on the desktop, the same view that most instructors will have while attending a meeting. Then they recorded the screen of the 2nd computer with some other software and posted that recording for students. I hope that makes sense.

  • Jason,  Thanks for sharing your thoughts...I don't have any words of wisdom to share.... I'm interesting in following the discussion and learning from you and those who post. 

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