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Zoom set-up

My course heavily depends on Zoom -- small group meetings every week -- but students are really struggling to connect. Formerly, in Adobe Connect, my course had a simple page that looked like this:

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3, etc.

with each Group being a link to a unique Adobe Connect room solely for that group to use. I've been told that this is not possible with Zoom, and that students must meet in one of the group members' Zoom room. Despite our best efforts to make this understandable and accessible for students, it has been a nightmare, especially for my students that are already struggling with English and I-Learn basics. (Some still haven't been able to figure it out 6 weeks into the semester.)

My question is: does anyone know if it's possible to create "dummy" accounts in Zoom so that we could still have specific rooms designated for each group? Does anyone's course have this configuration that we could copy? Fingers crossed!

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  • Bummer... I had high hopes that crowd sourcing for information would bring some innovation being done somewhere in the online world so that your course could just have a set number of rooms assigned to the section. :( 

    Do our course designers have access to the Community? Maybe they could all brainstorm together and see if a solution might exist since using one student's link has been such a technical disaster.

  • Hi Lindsey--If it's any consolation, I was meeting with a student in Zoom earlier today to help her figure out how to do the group work. Yes, it's wk 6 and this is the same format for group work we've had all semester.  My students are "encouraged" to use Zoom, but it's not required, for their weekly group project.

    I find that if I host a Zoom session 2-3 times in the first week (my open house) it's enough to get them familiar with the tool. Usually I have to send out the links to the Zoom student screensteps tutorials quite a few times to various students. I'm sure you've done that as well.

    This doesn't really answer your question about dummy accounts for Zoom . . . 

    How many groups do you have? Could you just give them all links to your Zoom room? Or would that create problems?

    • I wish I could have them all meet in my room; that would be about 1000% easier in some ways. But 2 sections + 8 groups each means overall it would be a sticky mess!


  • I'm sorry your students are having such troubles with zoom. Dummy accounts aren't possible in zoom. I haven't heard of any courses with different settings. I'm not sure if there is any technological answer here. I'm left wondering what more could be done to train and condition students to use Zoom? Have you tried assigning roles to students so that someone is responsible for the meeting? Have you held zoom meetings to train your students to use Zoom? Have you shared the zoom tutorials with students who are struggling with zoom?

    • Well, this is a bummer! But I'm not surprised based on some of the conversations I've already had. And yes, yes, and yes :) My course has instructor-led sessions at the beginning where I tried to orient students, assigned a lead student for the first week and asked them to meet in the same room for the whole semester, have made screencasts, shared tutorials, sent them to tech support, met live in Zoom with some to try and troubleshoot. A lot of them have been able to catch on finally, but some are still flailing -- and they are telling me how the course should be set up in a different way so I wanted to explore all options!

      I have a lot of students in their first semester out of Pathway and it has left me wondering, do they get any exposure to Zoom in Pathway? It sure would help if they did/if there was some kind of bridge course that they had to take as they matriculate to the university. I thought my course had a fair amount of instruction to help them understand Zoom, but it is clearly not even half of what some of them need. Thanks, Dave!

      • Pathway virtual gatherings happen in Zoom, but are not hosted by students. Other than that, PW students do not have much exposure to Zoom beyond a few instructors who host meetings there. 

        • With the new PathwayConnect curriculum upgrade, seems like a Zoom training module could easily fit within the 1-credit college skills class. Hmm . . . I  wonder who could/should suggest this, and to whom?

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