Differing dates between Campus and Online for final day of Spring Semester 2018: 

The last day of the semester for campus is Monday, July 23. Online courses will follow whatever dates are outlined in your course, and may end as late as Saturday, July 28.

For instructors teaching PathwayConnect courses, please note that the final gathering of the semester will take place on July 26. BYU-Idaho Course Suppport will take care of changing final due dates within your courses to Saturday, July 28. Please announce these changes to your students.

While you should remind your students that online classes go through the end of the week, please adjust due dates as necessary for on-campus students, who may have to check out of their apartments in the middle of the week. Due to the differing end dates, your students may need your watchful eye to finish the semester well.

We remind you to reference the Spring 2018 Academic Calendar & Instruction Items throughout the semester. 

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  • Caleb,

    I saw the email from BYU-I explaining the change for Pathway courses, but I am still a little confused by the deadline time, which is not listed in the email. Right now in my course it says the finals are all due by Satuday July 28th at 1 am, but I am on the east coast, so that is really Friday the 27th at 11pm MST.  I am guessing that means that my course has not been updated yet. Will the deadline be the 28th at 11pm MST, like it usually is? I just want to make sure I have the right time before I let me know students know. 

    • Go ahead and check again, but Course Support recently confirmed with me that those times will be for 11 p.m. MT. Thanks! 

      • Great thanks!

  • Thanks for the reminder Caleb!    I teach GS 120L.  All the finals and the assignments are due on Wednesday, July 25, 2018 and just a survey and the attendance report and a survey due on Thursday, July 26, 2018.  Since the students did the majority of the work in the week that was due on Wednesday (midweek), it is very easy for the GS 120L students to end the course on Thursday the same night as the gathering meeting instead of waiting to finishing 2 assignments until Saturday, July 28, 2018.


  • The end of the term is just around the corner, so this is going to come into play very soon!

    • Our BSC team is poised to field questions primarily from campus students taking online courses. :-)

      • Psych 112 is only taught online so we have a LOT of campus students. The differences of dates is hard for us....

  • For instructors who teach PathwayConnect courses, please note the change in the announcements above regarding changing final assignment due dates (the second paragraph.) We will also soon send out a separate message for all instructors teaching Pathwayconnect courses, as we know not all will see this announcement. 

    Please know that we have expressed the confusion and additional admin time needed to clarify with students regarding the conflicting online and campus schedules. We hope to come to a better solution in future semesters, and we greatly appreciate your patience and diligence with this issue! 

    • Caleb--Do you know who I'd ask to see if I can get a copy of the email being sent to PathwayConnect instructors? I work with those instructors, but since I'm not currently teaching a Pathway course, I don't receive the email communications.

      I'm sure there will be questions about this. I was in a TG mtg tonight and the TGL reminded everyone to diligent in telling students about the July 27th 8 am cut-off time for all assignments, etc since that is when the course officially ends.  

      So does the change here to July 28th supersede the July 27th 8 am cut-off time listed in the course?

    • According to the "official" academic calendar I have at my disposal, it looks like this same issue (discrepancy in start and end dates between campus and online) will occur again in Spring 2019, Fall 2019, and Winter 2020. :-) I hope someone above my pay grade is looking at this.

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