I-Learn Canvas Update

This announcement from our BYU-Idaho and Pathway Worldwide Online Vice President...


I-Learn Canvas Update
After a thorough evaluation of the Canvas Learning Management System, we are excited to announce the decision for BYU-Idaho to use Canvas as our official LMS. This decision was made with overwhelming faculty and student support, and the transition will bring cleaner usability to both students and online instructors within I-Learn.
The process to convert courses to Canvas will begin immediately, and the first courses will be taught in Canvas beginning Fall Semester 2018. The full conversion of all BYU-Idaho courses will take several semesters and is projected to be finalized by Fall Semester 2019.
Online instructors will not be responsible for transitioning courses to the new LMS, as this work will be done by the online course designers and on-campus course leads. Training will be provided to help online instructors learn the process of working in the new Learning Management System.
Further details will come in the Online Instructor Community and through official emails from Online Learning. As new information becomes available about the Canvas transition, it will also be published We are grateful for your support in this process and look forward to the benefits of using Canvas as our university LMS.

Jon Linford, 
BYU-Idaho Online Vice President

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  • Just a note of odd son attends an online university which has the Canvas LMS. He just told me last week in the Fall the university switches to Brightspace. 

    • Which university? That would be the first Higher Ed customer Canvas has lost. I think they will find the grass greener on what they are currently on. :-) 

      • It would be worth finding out more about why they would be moving.

    • That is humorous!

  • I am so grateful we are leaving Brightspace behind. Today the pictures in the top banners have suddenly changed. No warning; no notice; just a sudden change. Why? D2L needs to spend development time productively fixing things that need fixing.

    The other day the Grade All screen was suddenly wider. That's not the one that needs to be wider; it was fine the way it was. The one that needs to be wider is the discussion board "View Topic in Grid View." Did they fix that one? No!

    Thank you for making the decision to move to Canvas.

    • Oh, hey, good to know it's not just my course where the class banner changed today! :)  (I sent in a fix ticket, asking why that happened . . . we shall see.)

      • It was part of the monthly update that Brightspace pushes out to its users. 

  • Hi Joel, I had word the course I teach will be transitioning to Canvas for Fall. What training will be involved and when will instructors have access to their new courses in Canvas to learn the ropes of their specific course? I'm the OCR for the course and I want to be sure I can help the other instructors if need be.


    • Hi, Bonny.

      We are hoping that Canvas training will be available well before the beginning of Fall semester. Stay tuned for more on that. There will be a Canvas Training course accompanied by an instructor sandbox course. These two resources will help you get up and running in Canvas. There will also be two Canvas Orientation meetings with the Instructor Development team 3 weeks before the start of the semester. Combined should be a 3 to 4 hour training experience total. As for access to your Canvas course, it will be the same time frame as with I-Learn. If you are an OCR working to transition a course with your designer, the designer will set that timeline.

      What other questions can I help with?

      - Brad B.

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