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As has been communicated, the university is considering switching to Canvas for its LMS. Mark your calendars for a live Q&A that will feature online instructors' experiences with the LMS thus far. Please note the following information: 

  • DATE: Thursday, March 15
  • TIME: 8 p.m. (Mountain Time)
  • CHANNEL: Zoom Webinar room — the link will be made available in the coming weeks   

The primary purpose of this Q&A is for the piloting instructors to provide information on their experience thus far and for other instructors to pose questions to the piloting instructors. The opportunity for other online instructors—particularly those who have previous experience with Canvas through other institutions—to give feedback regarding the potential LMS switch will be provided at a later date. University administration is mindful to consider the feedback of online instructors as they make a final decision to potentially switch to a new LMS. More information regaring the LMS pilot can be found here.      

If there is a question you would like discussed in the upcoming Q&A, feel free to include it in the comments below. These questions will help the Home Office and participating pilot instructors prepare for a meaningful discussion. 

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Fireside for Women--Sister Marriott


A recording of Sister Marriotts' special gathering with the sisters of BYU-Idaho is now available. We apologize some instructors didn't have access to view the event live on the evening of Tuesday, February 27. We will continue to work with the unviersity A/V team to prevent simliar issues occuring in the future.


Tonight from 7-8 p.m.,
Sister Neill F. Marriott—second counselor in the general Young Women's presidency—will speak at a special gathering for all female university employees and spouses of male university employees. The event will be broadcast live.  We encourage you to tune in, if possible.  The video link currently shows a keynote address from the All Employee Conference. The video to Sister Marriott's address will be displayed an hour or two before the event.  

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President's Day Holiday


Monday, February 19th is President's Day. As such, instructors have the discretion to make adjustments to due dates on any assignments that may fall on the holiday. Adjustments to a class schedule based on holidays should be communicated to students in as far advance of the holiday as possible. Online instructors should not require students to submit work on official university holidays. As per university Policy:

BYU-Idaho courses, including online, start and end on the same semester schedule.  Regularly scheduled University holidays are recognized in online courses. The course instructor will make adjustments for any assignment due dates that fall on official University holidays. 

As instructors, you are excused from the course on the actual holiday. Remember, the expectation is to engage in the course 5 days during the week, but with the holiday, you get an actual other day off--4 days will be the President's Day expectation.

Also, please note: Online Instruction Offices will be closed February 19th. Have a great holiday!



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BYU-Pathway Worldwide's 2017 Annual Report

I invite you to read BYU-Pathway Worldwide's 2017 Annual Report. Within, you will read about the organization's future strategic priorities, program growth, key milestones, as well as stories featuring personal experiences of PathwayConnect and BYU-Idaho online students, a message from President Clark G. Gilbert, and a description of the impact of the February 2017 announcement and November inauguration.

The work of BYU-Pathway Worldwide could not move forward without the dedication and individual care of our BYU-Idaho online instructors. Your efforts help bring the blessings of education out into the lives of tens of thousands of Church members throughout the world. 


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Cyclone in South Pacific

**Please see the message below from the BYU-Pathway Worldwide Home Office**

Dear BYU-Idaho Online Instructors,

American Samoa, Samoa, and Tonga recently experienced a category four cyclone with sustained winds of 144 mph. Based on reports from Pathway missionaries and Self-Reliance Managers in the area, Internet, electricity, and water have been nonexistent in much of the area for several days. The storm is on course for Vanuatu and possible parts of New Zealand into next week.

Please be mindful and lenient in these situations when grading student work and attendance. The cyclone might impact the ability of your students to complete coursework. Students have been advised to inform their instructors of their individual circumstances and PathwayConnect gathering cancellations if applicable.

For PathwayConnect instructors, please see the Pathway Handbook for information about gathering cancellations. Additional information on the Church's response to the cyclone can be found at Mormon Newsroom.

Thank you,
Pathway Home Office

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Virtual Conference Opportunity in February


Beginning February 12th, the University of Idaho will be hosting their annual Transforming the Teaching & Learning Environment virtual conference. The conference showcases valuable perspectives on teaching and learning from a diverse pool of scholars and attracts participants from across the country. 

This is an optional professional development event for BYU-Idaho Online Instructors. It's been paid for by BYU-Idaho and instructors may take advantage of any of the sessions at this conference. If anyone needs to use this as an opportunity for continuing education credit, this event may qualify.

Presented by the University of Idaho’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Distance & Extended Education

Transforming the Teaching & Learning Environment virtual conference is presented by the University of Idaho’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and Distance & Extended Education. Now in its 9th year, this one-of-a-kind virtual conference provides 60 one-hour live and interactive sessions.


The conference begins on Monday, February 12th and concludes on Friday, February 23rd. Each session is live and interactive, giving you the opportunity to engage with education professionals from all over the world. Each weekday, there will be six one-hour sessions using Zoom as the platform.


The most up-to-date schedule of sessions is available on the conference website. Check there for updates.


Joining a conference session is really easy. Go to the Schedule page. To the far right of each session is a “Join Session/View Recording” column, with a link to each session. At the appropriate time, click on that link. You may join a session up to 30 minutes in advance of the start.


When asked to type your name, please include your First Name, Last Name, plus the name of your Institution.


Each session will be recorded. The recordings will be available for at least one month after the conclusion of the conference. The link to the recording of each session should be available within an hour after the conclusion of each day. Go to the Schedule page. Click on the link to the right of each session in the “Join Session/View Recording” column.

Continuing Education Credit

If you would like to use this conference for continuing education credit, please follow the instructions below: 

  • Please write 1 blog post sharing with instructors in the community something that you learned or found particularly intersinting
  • Send an email to and include the following:
    • A link to your blog post in the community
    • The titles of the sessions you attended. 
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OLT Conference 2018

The community page for OLT 2018 is up and running! Check it out to see a list of events and plan ahead to attend the conference from June 21-22. This page will be updated regularly as breakouts and keynote speakers are finalized. Registration for the conference will open on April 24 at 4:00 a.m. (Mountain Time), and travel and lodging stipends will be available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Do you have something special to share that can benefit your online colleagues in their teaching skills? Apply to present at OLT! Today through March 19th, we are calling for presentation proposals. Plus, online instructors who are selected to present will automatically receive a travel and lodging stipend (if needed)! Click here to fill out the form.

We're excited to meet with you face-to-face this summer, and we're confident that this can be the greatest conference yet!

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The past month has been filled with excitement as the Home Office has welcomed new additions to BYU-Idaho Online Instruction family!

Tyler (online training coordinator) and Jessica Beckstrom had the birth of their third child, Charlotte Noelle, on December 28, 2017.

Caleb (online community coordinator) and Cassie Trujillo welcomed their second son, Turner Gordon, on January 28.

Brad (online training coordinator) and Jenna Barson followed a day later, January 29,  with their son, Taylor Bradley.

All babies and mothers are in great health and recovering well!   


With all the excitement of the new additions, Joel was feeling left out; so he decided to announce an addition of his own that will soon be joining Online Instruction.    

“The Online Instruction team has collectively given birth to a brand new baby community through Lithium! Its name is “Online Instruction Commons.”  Labor was prolonged and brutal…and very touch-and-go for some 26 months; but parents and baby seem upbeat and recuperating just fine. It may yet be some time before we get to bring baby home, but we’re so excited to have this little munchkin join our Online Instruction family.”

After more than two years of research and consideration, we’re pleased to announce that the Online Instruction Community will soon move to a new and enhanced platform — Lithium. The transition to this platform will provide instructors an even greater resource to:

  • Connect with peers, support, and training
  • Improve the effectiveness of online teaching and facilitation through enhanced resources
  • Assist in meeting the Online Instructor Standards
  • Foster a greater sense of belonging to the university and its mission

It is anticipated that this transition will be finalized by Fall Semester 2018 with pilot interactions taking place throughout the spring.We don’t yet have access to the new tool, so much more info to come once we get our hands on the new community platform; but we are excited about the possibilities this will bring and how it may enhance your experience as an online instructor for BYU-Idaho.  

Oh, and if you’d like to announce your own “new additions” to the online community, please feel free to do so in the comments below!  

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Errors in Community When Using Colored Fonts

We've received a variety of notifications from instructors who are not able to post to the Community. When posting, they typically receive error messages that prevent them from finalizing their post. We've found that the common thread to these errors stem from using colored font. If you have experienced such issues, please try using regular black font throughout the entire post. 

A support ticket has been submitted to the Community platform tool support team. Thanks for your patience! If you've found that you still receive error messages when using black font, please feel free to comment in this thread or email   

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Winter 2018 Drop Dates

Please be aware of the last drop dates for our current, Winter 2018 semester. BYU-Idaho students have until Tuesday, January 30th to drop without receiving a W (Withdraw) grade on their transcript. The final withdrawal date is March 5th.

The final drop date for PathwayConnect students was January 15th. We appreciate how you council with non-participating students on these matters!

Dates and deadlines for other BYU-Idaho affiliated institutions can be found on the Winter '18 Academic Calendar and Instructor Action Items

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We are pleased to welcome two new AIMs and one returning OCR-Manager this Winter semester. Some of you may already be familiar with the excellence in teaching and leadership these individuals have shown in their service as TGLs or OCRs. They are already great assets to our team. Here is a little bit about them: 

Allison Hicken – AIM (Family, Child Development, and Education)

We are excited to welcome Allison Hicken as a new AIM in the Family area. Allison has taught online at BYU-Idaho for nearly four years, and has served for nearly all those as an OCR for FAML 360, a class on Family Stress and Coping. She has also worked as a TGL for nearly three years.

Allison graduated from BYU and Utah State, and worked as a therapist for LDS Services for three years before starting her family. Allison lives in Idaho Falls with her husband and four children. She is dedicated to her family and to the instructors and students with whom she works. 

Allison replaces Lindsay Call as AIM. We will miss Lindsay's dedicated AIM service, although she returns to Winter 2018 as a Family TGL and welcomed a new baby (Beckett Asher) to her family this December. Lindsay continues to teach FAML 100.

Melissa Davis – AIM (Pathway Connect)

We enthusiastically welcome Melissa Davis as the newest AIM over instructors teaching PathwayConnect courses, replacing Sarah Jackson who termed out at the end of Fall semester. (Note: Sarah continues to serve as a leader as she is facilitating OL 301 this semester and mentoring the entire field of TGLs.)

This is Melissa's fifth year teaching for BYU-Idaho.  She termed out as a TGL last Winter, and is excited about this new opportunity. Melissa earned her B.S. and M.S. degrees in English from Utah State University. After eight years living in Logan area she moved to Houston, Texas for almost five years, and is now back in Utah. Melissa has four children, with the oldest two being twins! In her spare time she loves to read, cook, and go out with friends. Fittingly, she is the Relief Society Compassionate Service leader in her ward and enjoys serving the women in that capacity. And, no surprise, Melissa absolutely loves teaching! 

Kim Parry - OCRM

We are excited to welcome Kim back as OCR-Manager. Kim is replacing Mike Odom as OCR-M when we discovered Mike had too many credits for the contract, and could not legally serve in that capacity. We are grateful for Mike's service and leadership.

Kim Parry was the first OCR-Manager we had when this role was created, but took a leave of absence before her term was up. Kim was born and raised in the military, but has lived in Utah longer than any other place. She thus refers to herself as a Utahan. She has taught English and Religion courses at numerous universities, both on campus and online. However, BYU-Idaho Online is the favorite place she has ever worked! (We're so glad, Kim!) She has three children, who are the pride and joy of her life. They like to watch movies, play games (especially Five Crowns and Dragonwood) and generally just be crazy. We're so excited to work with Kim and know she will be a huge blessing to her OCRs as she serves and mentors them.

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Managing Student Adds and Drops

Monday, January 15th is the official last day to add classes for Winter 2018. Make sure you have given adequate introductory and welcome information to all of the late adds you may have to your class. 

By way of reminder, BYU-Idaho Instructors do not add or drop students from their courses. Adds and drops should be processed through the Online Support Center. However, for communication purposes it's important to keep track of who has been added and dropped from your course. It is especially important to track who has/has not received communications from you throughout the first week of class. Here are a few tips for managing the adds and drops in your classes:

  1. Minimize your workload by limiting the send date for your welcome e-mail until a week or so before the semester begins. Once the semester begins, it does become necessary to check on adds/drops daily during the Introduction week.
  2. Use Screensteps for tutorials on how to manage adds and drops by date:

The Drop Deadline for full semester classes is Tuesday, January 30th

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Pre-semester Checklist Preview

Have you ever wondered what items are on the pre-semester checklist before you've been able to access it? Here's a view of the form with the mystery unveiled. Just remember, the form allows you to click in and out of it, saving your updates and any changes, up to the time you submit. The pre-semester checklist for Winter 2018 will be sent out by Wednesday, January 3rd. To click on actual tutorial links early, download the attached pre-semester checklist (PreChecklist.pdf) file.

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Submitting Late Grades

Changing a Student's Submitted Grade OR Submitting Late Grades

If you missed the December 20th grading deadline for Fall semester, or if you need to change any grades from Spring semester, you must use the electronic grade change system created by the Registrar's Office that allows instructors to request a change of grade online. All online instructors will be required to follow this process when requesting a change to a student's grade or when submitting late grades.

Access the Grade Change Portal at The grade change system automatically routes change requests to the applicable supervisor in Online Instruction for approval and then routes them to Student Records and Registration for entry onto the student’s transcript. Just click on "+New Request" Once entered, an email notification of the change will be sent back to the instructor as well as to the student.

As you come to learn the functionality of this electronic process, you may wish to review this list of Frequently Asked Questions.pdf.  Additionally, you are welcome to contact the Registrar's Office at or (208) 496-1025 if you need assistance or have other questions.

Pathway Grades

Note - Pathway courses are not routed through the Registrar's Office, and as such do not follow the same process for submitting late grades. If your grades need to be updated in a Pathway course, just follow the regular Pathway final grading process as shown here.


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Adobe Connect is Going Away


 All those still using Adobe Connect, we ask that you begin using Zoom. As of January 1st BYU-Idaho will no longer support Adobe Connect. 

Some instruction tools on how to use Zoom can be located here:

Also, if you have any files or recordings in Adobe Connect that you need to save, you will need to save those to your computer before Jan. 1st. Visit the Adobe Connect Support pagefor any assistance you might need. 

Many instructors have been using Zoom since September 2017. Overall the transition to Zoom has been a positive experience. Thank you for your willingness to do what it takes to do the Lords work in BYU-Idaho Online Learning. You and your classrooms will be greatly blessed.

- Online Instruction Home Office 

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2017 Thanksgiving Holiday Update

Thanksgiving Holiday and due dates:

Thursday, November 23rd is Thanksgiving Day. As such, instructors have the discretion to make adjustments to due dates on any assignments that may fall on the holiday. Adjustments to a class schedule based on holidays should be communicated to students in as far advance of the holiday as possible. Online instructors should not require students to submit work on official university holidays. As per university Policy:

Regularly scheduled University holidays are recognized in online courses. The course instructor will make adjustments for any assignment due dates that fall on official University holidays. Non-teaching days for on-campus courses do not apply to online courses.  (In other words, even though campus has no class on Wednesday, November 22nd, it is a regular online class day with any existing deadlines.)

As instructors, you are excused from the course on the actual holiday. You probably won't have students engaging this Thursday or Friday, but they may need help on some of the other days of the week. Remember, the expectation is to engage in the course 5 days during the week, but with the holiday, you get an additional day off--you are expected to work only 4 days during the Thanksgiving week.

Pathway Instructors: No Thanksgiving Day Pathway Gathering

Pathway Instructors: No Thanksgiving Day Pathway Gathering.  Pathway gatherings in the United States will not be held on Thursday, November 23rd, in observance of Thanksgiving.  Instructors should "Exempt" the Thanksgiving day gathering for their domestic students. Please remind students they are still required to submit all work due in the course by the established deadlines. 

Groups outside of the U.S. will still hold their usual gathering. Please ensure that students outside the U.S. are aware that they are required to attend the gathering on the 23rd.

Also, please note: Online Instruction Offices will be closed November 23rd & 24th

Wishing you and your loved ones a fantastic day- we are so thankful to work with you!


These I-Learn 3 tutorials may aid you in being flexible with your students and and assignment deadlines during the holidays:

How Do I Add or Change a Start/Due/End Date to an Activity Within a Module?

How Do I Add Or Change A Start/End Date To A Quiz?

How Do I Add or Change a Start/Due/End Date to an Assignment?

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LMS Evaluation Update

Online Instructors received an official notice similar to the notice below on Friday November 10th. That notice targeted a campus audience. The notice below has been written specifically for online instructors. 

Decision to Narrow Focus in LMS search 

The LMS Analysis Committee spent the past several weeks collecting data from past proposals, reviewing LMS functionality of top competitors, and examining current features in a Canvas sandbox course environment. Those reviewing a sandbox course in Canvas had an overall positive experience and felt the interface was intuitive. One instructor said that Canvas was an "absolute breath of fresh air." 

The committee voted unanimously to narrow the search for a possible LMS down to a comparison between the current system and Canvas. 

The selection committee is continuing their analysis throughout this semester and studying the product Canvas and its parent company, Instructure. A team that included representatives from face-to-face faculty, Online, and IT recently visited Instructure headquarters to ask the vendor in-depth questions. Members of the committee are also working to evaluate other institutions that have recently made transitions to Canvas. Another aspect being reviewed is the scalability of Canvas as a world-wide tool.

Assuming that the findings of this analysis are positive, in Winter 2018, a small representative group of faculty will pilot Canvas in their courses. 

The tentative pilot will include a group of approximately 15 campus faculty and 4 online courses and BYU-I students. These instructors and students would be tasked to compare Canvas to our current LMS (Brightspace), to provide feedback and recommend if using Canvas would be a significantly better experience for BYU-Idaho students and faculty. 

Online Faculty that will be piloting Canvas will be notified in the next 7-10 days. Those involved will be expected to attend weekly pilot meetings, participate in focus groups, and document their experiences so that other instructors may review the evaluations.

Online Faculty are encouraged to leave their questions and opinions in the comments below this post. 

Further information about the process and ways to be involved will continue to be updated at our LMS Evaluation Website as it becomes available. Please contact your faculty representative on the LMS Analysis Committee if you have questions. Near the end of Winter Semester 2018, faculty will have the opportunity to get a hands-on experience in a sandbox course in Canvas.

However, it is important for faculty members to note that apart from those participating in the pilot, they may not currently instruct any student courses in any LMS independent from the currently supported LMS. There are several FERPA, security, and liability issues in moving to any system or other tools independent from the university. This means that the university cannot protect instructors, faculty, or individual efforts if student information is shared or if security breaches occur in any LMS outside of the currently supported system. It is important to keep the student experience static in one LMS across campus, so that better learning experiences can occur and we can respect and protect our students' privacy. 

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Update on the BYU-Idaho LMS Analysis

In late September 2017, BYU-Idaho made the decision to move forward with the process to evaluate our current learning management system and options available. (For more information and a review of why BYU-Idaho is pursuing this project, please see this post from Sept. 2017.) Over the past few weeks, we have moved forward on this initiative and, in the spirit of being inclusive, want to provide an update regarding this effort. We had several BYU-Idaho online instructors, curriculum designers, campus faculty and a variety of technology and learning management experts have joined together to kick-off this important endeavor. Thus far, we have been reviewing current research and participating in a variety of individual hands-on experiences with some of the top vendors.

The product Canvas, by Instructure, emerged as the leading candidate. On Monday of this week, all of those involved with the analysis met to decide whether BYU-Idaho could narrow the investigation to one vendor or if we should move to a formal Request for Proposal process. The decision was made to narrow further investigation to Canvas. This means that we can begin to engage in conversations with Canvas to test the LMS in a few select BYU-Idaho courses. 

We acknowledge that no LMS will be a perfect solution for every course or for every instructor. So far we've been able to identify a few pros and cons to Canvas that we'd like to share with the online instruction community. 


  • Images/pictures - Cannot copy and paste images into announcements, discussions, content pages, feedback, etc. Images must be uploaded using the file browser. Once uploaded, they may be reused.
  • Discussion Groups - Cannot post a discussion board post to multiple groups. Instructors would have to copy and paste a discussion board post they want to share with the whole class to each group or post it as an announcement within the course.
  • Quizzing tool - not sufficient for STEM courses. The use of 3rd party tool (like Maple TA) may be necessary. There are big changes to the quizzing tool in beta right now that could bring very good improvements. 
  • Discussion Statistics in Grading - Cannot see discussion board statistics. Instructors cannot see a number associated with the number of posts made by a student, however you can see all of the student's posts together while grading. 
  • Hide Grade items - While viewing the gradebook there is no option to remove grade items from the teacher's view. (Although the experience was not cumbersome due to the fact that row and column headings freeze and the gradebook scrolls easily.) 


  • Canvas Blueprint - provides a master-derivative model that would allow us to fix a course once and publish changes to all sections instantly. 
  • Interface - We have found the Canvas interface to be very intuitive. 
  • Discussion Boards - little/no differentiation between threads and replies. Results in discussions living at the top level and not buried a few clicks deep. 
  • Discussion Board Grading - Ability to toggle between a student's posts and the entire context of the conversation while grading.
  • Feedback to Students - Feedback left for students is found in one place. Students can comment on their feedback resulting in a natural conversation regarding student performance.
  • Instructor Inbox - instructors can see all emails and/or student general comments on any assignment come to one inbox.
  • Required pages within Content  - When requiring a page to be viewed in a module, the other pages in the module are not hidden (as they are in IL3). This feature may allow us to bring back the Notes From Instructor Page. 
  • To Do List - This feature works for students and instructors. It's aware of what students have and have not completed. It helps students prioritize and keep track of the work they need to be doing. It helps notify instructors which assignments need to be graded. 
  • SpeedGrader - Grading in general is a much faster experience with fewer clicks and nuances like we've been dealing with in IL3. We believe instructors will save time and have fewer headaches with the gradebook. There are also a lot of really great features that allow an instructor to communicate in multiple ways on student performance. 

It is important to remember that no official decision has been made to decide if we will move BYU-Idaho courses to a new LMS. We have a few months of investigation and testing ahead of us before we will have sufficient information and experience needed to make any decisions.

In the meantime, what would you consider "deal breakers?" In other words, what kinds of things do you think we should be watching out for that might be items that should stop us from going down the Canvas road?

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An Official LMS Announcement

We are grateful to all of you who have made such tremendous efforts in implementing I-Learn 3. We want to express appreciation to all who were involved in the review, selection, and implementation processes. Many individuals worked hard on behalf of our faculty and students.

As you're aware, the current LMS has been more difficult to use than anticipated. It is clear the user experience has been a source of significant frustration. Representing the Academic Administration, we want to take the opportunity to apologize for the challenges you and our students have encountered.

Our offices have been tracking the faculty and student experience in our current system. We recently surveyed campus and online faculty to gauge support for beginning the process of finding a new LMS product. From that survey, we learned that 63 percent of those polled desire to transition to a better system (13 percent were neutral and 24 percent were not in favor of a transition).

The most common concern expressed in the survey was that another LMS would not be significantly better and we could potentially go through another transition without gaining any benefits. Another common issue raised related to concerns around transparency of the review and selection process. It is clear that faculty want the process to be thorough and to include participation from a broad cross-section of campus.

As a result of the surveying and meetings held, we have determined to begin the process of identifying and transitioning to a new LMS product. To avoid mistakes made during our previous experience, we have identified two key principles for guiding our review process:

  1. For a better decision and for improved support from faculty, we must be transparent with the review, selection, and piloting process.
  2. We must focus on the current functionality of any LMS product we consider and be cautious of vendors' promises of future enhancements for their products. 

Under the direction of Rob Eaton, work will begin this fall to form an evaluation committee and process. This committee will include faculty, curriculum developers, and students and will involve users of various backgrounds and skill levels in working with learning management systems. 

This probably goes without saying, but we anticipate that no single product will satisfy the desires and match the recommendations of all LMS users. Indeed, it is possible that our analysis will reveal that we are better off working through the challenges we have with our current LMS than shifting to a new system with its own challenges. However, we pledge that we will do our best to facilitate a process that identifies the best product for the most users. We have asked Rob to develop, with the evaluation committee, a scorecard for critical functions to be used in the evaluation of potential systems.

Assuming we find a suitable alternative to the current system, our hope is to begin to move to a new LMS sometime before the end of 2018. We will also ask the evaluation committee to advise us in planning an effective transition process and support team.

If you are interested in being involved with this process, we encourage you to send a note to your dean or director. 

In closing, we want to express our appreciation for your continued use of the current LMS. Students are blessed by a consistent experience and consistent access to I-Learn. We will continue to update the current system and support faculty and students in making their experience as effective as possible.

Kelly Burgener, Academic Vice President
Jon Linford, Online Vice President

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