Sign-ups for Peer Mentoring Course are live now!


Session B (focusing on Discussion Boards) goes live January 9th! You can participate in multiple sessions in a semester. We hope to see you there!


You can go an click on this link to sign up for Session A of Peer Mentoring being held in Winter 2017. You can go here to learn more about what the Peer Mentoring course is about. You will need to provide your first name, last name, I-number, and what course you'll most likely be teaching Winter 2017. This will help us with enrollment and group organization. Sign ups for Sessions B and C will be posted early on during the Winter semester. 

Session A (Announcements) - January 17th to February 3rd

Session B (Discussion Boards) - February 6th to February 25th

Session C (Feedback) - February 27th to March 18th

Note: As a reminder, the Peer Mentoring course was designed to be used by those who are actively teaching a live course during the semester. If you are not teaching Winter 2017, you can still participate in the course, however, you may need to use a past course and practice posting in there where possible. If you are unsure if you are teaching (you have a Level 3 contract) in Winter 2017, you can wait until the first week of the semester.

Session A sign up closes on Thursday, January 12th

Peer mentoring can be used for your semesterly professional development SMART goal. It is an optional course for instructors.

There is no limit on the number of sessions you can sign up for. The time expectation is a minimum of three hours per session, an hour a week, although you are free to engage more than that.

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  • I would like to enter Session B and possibly C. How could I be sure to be notified?

    • Just check the community announcements and the weekly update sent out by the community. Session B sign ups are live now, but Session C signs up won't start for two more weeks. We'll advertise it when it is available, though!

    • Me too.   I am in Group A, but would also love to join Session B and C also.  This is my Smart Goal for this semester. 

      • ; )

        • Hey Teresa!  Good to see you online.  I hope you are doing well and have a great weekend. 

  • I am ready to begin.

  • Hello, 

    I just signed up! 


  • Tyler...can you explain more about what Peer Mentoring is? 

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