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I apologize for asking this question, as I did receive the dozens of reminders and warnings that I-Learn 2.0 access would be ending this summer. :-) I have taught the same course in I-Learn 3.0 for the last several semesters, so I had no need to access my past I-Learn 2.0 courses. Unfortunately, I was just switched to an old course I taught once a couple years ago, and I am hoping there is someway I can gain access to this past course on I-Learn 2.0, even if it is just snapshots or PDFs. Is this a possibility in any way?Thank you for your help in this matter!

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  • Lori,

    You should be able to go into IL2 and open the Courses tab.  There you can select "View all Courses." You should then see all of the courses you've taught in IL2 and be able to access them. If it was a really long time ago, your course may be archived. If that's the case, email me ( and we'll see how we can get that for you.

    Good luck!

    • I'll add that you only have today and tomorrow to get what you need. Sometime on Friday the 9th, IL2 will be turned off.  :)

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