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Have you ever found yourself wondering, "Where in the world do I go for help with this?!?" BYU-Idaho Online Learning has many resources designed to help our instructors succeed, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to get answers and solutions for your burning questions and issues.

The Instructor Support Model infographic is designed as a Level 1 support resource for our online instructors. It is not meant to capture all of the different places an online instructor could go to for help, but rather it is designed to list the 7 most common resources available. It lists the person or resource and the reasons why you could contact them. To the right is the contact information, sometimes a phone number, but often a website or URL. Feel free to:

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  • I am not able to see some of the directories....are all the links working properly? For example when I press the TGL or OCR directory I just get this:

    • You need to change your current semester in the upper right hand corner.
      • That worked perfectly! Thank you.

  • Hey Brad - any ideas on how I could download this fabulous document? I tried from this page and from the direct link in both Firefox and Chrome with no luck. I even tried it from Explorer *gasp* with no luck.

    • It's in the Online Instruction Library:

      Because it's an .html page, it's not super easy to download and view like a .pdf would. If you want easy and distributable access, I would send the link above to instructors. Also, that way if there is an update to the page, they are always getting the live version, instead of having an older version saved to their computer, operating with outdated information.

      Instructor Support Model | Instructor Development | Online Instruction Library
      • Makes sense. Thanks so much, Brad. It's a fabulous resource.
        Instructor Support Model | Instructor Development | Online Instruction Library
  • This is such an excellent resource.  For the Pathway folks, do you know if there is a similar graphic that includes Pathway Support and Pathway Advising? 

    • There is no need for that. Pathway Support and Advising are for students, not instructors. (unless you wanted to refer a student directly to Pathway Advising.) Either way, if you had a need like that, you should contact the BYU-Idaho Support Center. They are equipped to forward Pathway requests to the appropriate offices. Isn't that nice! A one-stop shop for all online instructors! :) Does that make sense?

      • Okay, thanks Brad.  This is a complete change of info for me!  It's been my understanding that as Pathway Instructors we should always contact Pathway Support when we have Pathway-specific questions.  And we've been encouraged lately to use Pathway Advising as a way to reach out to our struggling students.

        Thanks for the clarification, Brad.  I have a lot of steps to re-trace with a lot of folks. ;)

        • The scenario of contacting Pathway Advising is a valid one, but if you contact the BYU-Idaho Support Center, they will be able to get it to advising. The idea is not to split up Pathway and BYU-I instructors when it comes to support.

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