Welcome to the Online Community!

We want to personally welcome you to the Online Instruction Community!

The goal of the community is to promote and sustain instructor collaboration and learning with the collective purpose of enhancing student learning. 

As you contribute to the community we know the “Spirit of Ricks” will enter your heart and home. This is a safe place for open communication where teaching and training tips, insights, questions and even concerns are talked about! The information below is intended to give you an overview of the major features you will find in the online instruction community.

President Gilbert's Welcome Message

Teaching Group Spaces

Shortly after starting as an online instructor you will be assigned to a specific teaching group where you’ll find other instructors who teach similar courses. In this group you can share goals, concerns, questions, and things about which you’re just curious! You will have the opportunity to participate in an asynchronous discussion once a month with your teaching group. These discussions can be engaging and edifying.

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The forum page is a place where discussions are created on a particular subject by allowing commenting of posts. Whereas blog posts come and go, forum posts on a particular topic are intended to add to a knowledge base of best practices that can be referred back to again and again.

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Who Can I Contact?

Have questions about who to contact for specific inquiries? Here is where we hope you will find the answers! You will find a list of those who are most knowledgeable about their jobs.

Explore the "Payroll and Policies" page.

Explore the "Frequently Asked Questions" page.

Explore the "Who Can I Contact?" page.

Why Do We Have A Community?


This is an important and relevant tool in which you will be able to build professional development as an online instructor. Here, you find resources such as the hot topic training tips, and the Online Instruction Library which includes a useful search bar to find your favorite discussion boards and posts. The employees working behind the scenes are pros at instructor development so we’d encourage you to take advantage of their help.

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Community Blog

Blogs are where the content is the main purpose. Other instructors, just like you, can write a blog post about a specific topic or article which they found especially insightful. There will be many opportunities to read, ponder and learn from colleagues in these posts. 

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Virtual Events

As part of the community experience, each semester we attempt to host a virtual event to help build camaraderie among instructors. In 2016, we had a Temple to Temple online relay across the country and a 12 Days of Christmas activities