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Reading Online Body Language With User Progress

In the 2016 Winter Webinar, President Gilbert mentioned that we would need to innovate and improve how we read online student's body language. User Progress is a tool that can help us to read online body language and better respond to our student's needs. While useful, some of the information should be used with caution as it can be misleading. The video below will explain some different ways to view User Progress and some caveats to keep in mind when using User Progress.

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  • Just had a chance to watch this. Thank you.  I will use this for the upcoming semester.  

  • This was very helpful. Wouldn't it be awesome for TGL's or AIM's to have the same information about their instructors on a single page? 

    I know that this is pretty far fetched, but hey, a guy can dream, right?

  • Thanks for sharing the message of online body language Lynn.   This is important.  Each week I notice some students are struggling.  I have reached out by email and instant messaged my students and find out why they are not participating.  I have had some students who have experience some big life events like a robbery on the way home from a Pathway Gathering, hospitalization for heart failure, or moving across country.   

  • This is great.  Another good way of monitoring how each student is progressing.  This really helped to break down the "User Progress" area.  I was a bit unclear on how to use this at first.  Thanks again for the insight.

  • Thanks for this! I did not realize that we could change the overview that we see when we click on "User Progress" (which recently was changed to "Class Progress" in my course). I appreciated your ideas! This is super helpful.

  • Thanks for the ideas, 


  • I had to click the play button twice before I got it to work... but then the video was excellent. Thanks for sharing, Lynn! I specifically like you showing us how we can change our own personal view of User Progress to what is particularly important in the classes we are visiting.

  • Hi Lynn. I got the winter webinar video to play, but I can't get your video on user progress (above) to play. 

    • Hi Sister Russell,

      Are you using Chrome by any chance? It is working in Firefox, Edge, and Safari, but not in Chrome. 

      • Thanks, Lynn. I got it to work in MS Explorer. First rule of the internet -- if it doesn't work, try another browser. I forgot. 

This reply was deleted.