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The Learning Model is in the October Ensign!

Have you opened up your copy of the October 2016 Ensign yet? The front cover announced an article, "The Joy of Learning," so I was very excited to check it out! Here are the headers for the sections found in Brother Callister's fabulous article:

  • Teachers and Learners: Equal Responsibility to Contribute: Does this sound a bit like Learning Model Principle #4 "Act for yourself and accept responsibility for teaching and learning"? There are also references to learning by the spirit in this section.
  • Study the Scriptures: Sounds a bit like Learning Model Principle #3 "Lay hold on the word of God as found in the holy scriptures and in the words of prophets," right? I love the analogy he shares about "sharpening our ax."
  • Prepare in Advance: Hey, that is Learning Model Process #1.
  • Participate in Class: What a wonderful way to teach one another - Learning Model Process #2.
  • Record Impressions: Reflecting on our learning and writing down impressions is a wonderful way to ponder/prove our learning - Learning Model Process #3.

To top it all off, the article included this lovely image: 

I hope you feel inspired to read Brother Callister's article:

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  • I agree that we are all teachers and learners and can be edified and rejoice together in any discussion, whether we are deemed the teacher or the student in the conversation.  An open heart and a willing mind to be edified and gain a different perspective helps the Spirit operate upon us and decreases our blind spots and egocentrism.

  • Thanks for sharing, Torri. I hadn't located that article yet. It's amazing that truth is truth is truth. It doesn't just have to come from one location. No one (except maybe the Spirit) has a corner on the market of truth. I especially love the reminder that true learning comes as we act on our own and share with others. We can't isolate ourselves, but neither can we only expect others to feed us. We need both our own actions and involvement from others.

    • Thanks for these insights, Heather. I love the way the Learning Model is implemented in our BYU-Idaho classes as well as in our Sunday school classes.

  • I was just talking to my neighbor who is a new pathways student. She also made the connection to how well the learning model reflected the goals of the "Come Follow Me" youth curriculum and the new "Teaching the Savior's Way". 

    • Yes! I love seeing effective learning and teaching in all areas of the church curriculum.
  • Torri, this is great! I will definitely go into the Ensign and look for this. I will have to share this in my email or announcements to students next week. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

    • You are welcome, Phyllis.
  • I just read the article this morning and was happy to see you brought this to the community.  I like the visual and paragraph under.  I put it in my email to my students this morning, too.  I hope they can view the image.  Thanks for sharing that here, Torri!

    • Excellent! I'm happy you made the connection and shared it with your students too, Aida.
  • I did see this yesterday and thought it would be a great teaching group presentation relating it to our secular studies and how we can also incorporate scriptural studies in our courses.  

    I really loved the section on recording insights and impressions since we were counseled to do so as instructors by President Gilbert in the Winter webinar 2016.

     As President Gilbert ended his remarks, he extended an invitation.  In paraphrase he said,

                I invite each of you to be reflective learners in your own sense and look at and reflect on how you are teaching.  Keep a log, teaching log- what works well in online, for your skills, in your courses you’ve been designed to teach- when you invite the spirit into your course- what works best for you.  Capture it in a journal or log in ways you can draw and learn from.  Record those, capture those instances- I changed because of something that happened.  Make this season in your own life, a season where you’ve recorded the hand of the Lord in your life.

    I love this council to keep a record of insights and impressions.  I've started, but haven't kept up as well as I should.  This article inspired me to recommit to do this as it relates to my stewardship here at BYU Idaho.

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